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Friends From Sweden - So Beautiful


Friends From Sweden was a band that was never really a band.  It was merely a short lived project by Mareea Paterson who had previously played with the Finn Brothers, Dave Dobbyn and Veruca Salt (although the last ended badly by all accounts).  Such a pity she never carried the project through because this song is awesome.

kody nielson _________________opossom



well i think lei lei kung from ninetiesmag said it best so….

"…I assisted the ever lovely and talented Mareea Vegas on her shoot with Kody from Opossum which was such good fun a few weeks back. I met lots of lovely people on set and it felt like we were inducting Kody into our cult as we shone torches on him in circle formations whilst wading through long grass in the dark. Is this cult activity yet?”

if it isn’t yet it should be…





kody is awesome

NEO2 - Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes and on the set of my new Neo2 Editorial shot last weekend at #kingsizestudios. #Red11 models #ellacorbin and #willbowman were stunning, with #Kathgould and #StephenMarr Maggie teaming up to create fresh and uncontrived hair and makeup. So happy to have #sebastianhuntanddylanrichardsstyling again, their work is crazy good…#KenCao assisting and videographer for the day…i can’t wait for y’all to see it…

i’m sorry i haven’t been present lately…it’s not your fault

life has been unexpected as of late…there are parts of me that would love to share with y’all the story of what has transpired over the past month but please forgive me for remaining quiet…

i’m still here…

…and i’m more grateful than ever to y’all that remain present in my life.

beauty is all around us


Featured in The Gardens for our exhibition Sourced.
Read interview here… woodsandtrees.com/interviews/
More info about opening night on my blog.
sourced opening 3rd june 2014 | whitespace gallery |

The opening of Sourced was every bit as well attended and successful as we had all hoped. With 300-400 people through the gallery in under 3 hours we could not have been happier. Thank you so much to everyone who attended our opening and thank you to everyone that took the time to chat with me personally…it really means everything.

I’m really in love with this new series that I’m exhibiting and super proud of Leon, Laura, Ian, Gary and Keryn for helping to put this show together.

Thanks to all the talented photography students that staffed and photographed the opening. Deb and Kenneth from Whitespace were again absolutely flawless to work with. To all who worked tirelessly to bring it together, thank you.

This show has been profiled in D-Photo Magazine as well as The Gardens (you can download the interview here).

Sourced is open every day at Whitespace, Ponsonby until Sunday 8th June.

Photos by Andrei Dominov and Keryn Sweeney


Our opening night.
Keryn, Mareea, Ian, Gary, Laura and Leon outside Whitespace Gallery for Sourced.